1. Can you supply a 300kV 1A <2pC Partial Discharge Test System with automatic LV compensation to perform PD tests on our CTs that we need to ship nation and worldwide? Yes, we can, that’s what we do.

2. Hey, our company went through some changes and now under new project management it turns out the system you delivered might barely fit inside the lab currently intended to house the test equipment, could you help us check it and help us achieve optimal layout including wiring and grounding? Yep, no problem, we would recommend replacing some of the HV connecting components to be arranged vertically, we will manufacture that for you.

3. Can you help us out dealing with the local city authorities to meet their requirements regarding code compliance? Sure, we will find out what to do and get it done.

4. Will be able to achieve <2pC at 300kV level at such a tight space? It will be tight, but yes, we are confident.

5. Could you please run us through all the test procedures as we have no previous PD testing experience? Sure, we will, in detail.

So it went last year in Arizona on a succesfully finished project for one of USA’s largest instrument transformer manufacturer (Some colleagues even told us there was no way to get <2pC at 300kV inside that room)