hv test safety

Nothing is so important that cannot be done safely! Sounds familiar? Couldn’t be more true when it comes to high voltage testing. Testing environments, specially those located at factories (and some on site as well) involve repetitive tasks, busy schedules and strict deadlines, that could easily lead the operator into distracted and/or sloppy behavior that sooner or later could lead to an accident if all the right, coordinated safety measures are not implemented in the testing facility (Remember that, oftentimes, electricity is a silent threat). At our company, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to design the all the safety measures and incorporate them into any HV testing project, either new or currently existing (grounding design is a key part of this). We can go from a simple door interlock circuit up to solutions that involve safety PLCs and even labs that have many users with different access levels that can be controlled online. At GET, we care that our customers are able to perform 100% of their testing in the SAFEST way possible.

Pictures: Some turn-key HV lab test projects were we fully implemented all of the safety measures as well.