ivg test

At our company, we have all kinds of customers: small, medium-sized, large transnationals, experienced that require that extra setup or performance, unexperienced that need to be trained and thoroughly advised, customers with very specific requirements, customers that just want the lab key handed over to them when everything is finished and customers that are involved every step of the way until to follow up the custom solution they are looking for, among many other types. While they all might be different, all of them share at least one thing in common: They trust us to get the job done. So, as a company, we work to earn our customer’s trust every day no matter how big or small, simple or complex their requirements are. More than a year ago we succesfully finished a project in Ecuador for one of the region’s largest transformer manufacturers. It involved a 600kV 60kJ impulse voltage test lab and an induce voltage test setup using power inverters with partial discharge measurement capabilities. Due to the project’s great success and the exceptional trust they put in us, we continue to be their HV testing consulting experts and we are already discussing future projects.
Our hearts are with them and our customers of the region through these difficult times, that soon shall pass.